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40B lighting?

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I recently posted about what lighting to use for a 30B, but I ended up deciding against getting that tank. Instead I got a 40B, so here I am again confused about the lighting.

I was considering the dual bulb Coralife T5NO fixture, but I'm finding conflicting posts about it on the forum.

According to Hoppy's chart it would be high light. But I've read other posts that make it seem as though it would be low light.

Any opinions on using this light on a 40B? And if you don't think it's the best option, could you please make other suggestions. Thanks :)
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From the research I have done, a T5NO is considered low to medium light, depending on number of bulbs, reflector type, and if the light is suspended or not. A T5HO would be medium to high for the same reasons.
This specific light has been bothering me too, my LFS uses 2 2bulb 4' t5no 18" from the substrate with no co2 minimal ferts(flourish comprehensive) and never get any algae. I asked and they said they used to use pressurized co2 but realized after a month that the plants grew perfectly fine in there without it and they do, that tank always looks great, even get reds on E tenellus and bacopa. I don't get it.
I've been doing some more research to find good T8 options. I found some stuff about GE 9325k lights. I really like the color the PC ones produce, but I read a comment that the T8 version doesn't have the same red tone to it.

Has anyone ever used the T8 version to comment on the color of the light?

Or is there a different bulb that would provide the look of 9325k PC?
I'd go with the Coralife T5NO. Much more efficient than going with T8s or PCs.

9325k T8s have a purplish tinge. I like them.
Thanks for the response :) You don't think the T5NO will be too much on a 16in high tank? How does the color of the T5NO compare to the 9325 in your opinion?
I'll take pics of my 46gal (the Coralife) and 10gal (9325k T8) when I get home. The tanks are on the same wall. I think the Coralife renders more "true" colors, the 9325k bulb makes my black substrate look purple. I like both, though.

I think that if you do have any algae issues with the Coralife that they should be easy to manage (play with photoperiod, raise up the fixture, incorporate more algae eaters and/or floating plants, etc). Or dose Excel.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I could raise the T5NO fixture to lessen the light a little and get a more even spread?
You can DIY some suspension kits out of pipe- there's some threads in the DIY forum with some different designs.

Or if you've got a low ceiling you can always just attach a few hooks in the ceiling and run some lightweight chain and use small hooks to attach the chain to the fixture.
Well I can't hang it...I rent and my ceilings are very high so it would just look silly as well, lol. But I'll dig through the DIY threads and see if I can find something.
You could attach fiberglass window screen to the bottom of the light fixture to lessen the light getting through.

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