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40b journal the finale

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Well this will be my last tank build for awhile wife says to stop spending so much money on them , so this will be last one for at least a year .This is my first tank that I realy put thought in to my others were just kinda thrown togther . Was going for the fallen branch look and I am very happy the way it came out .

40b from petco
satellite + 24" led
aquatop AT200 canister filter
Aquatop 200w heater
homemade stand
substrate floramax black
Driftwood from Tom Barr

Telanthera Cardinalis
Crypt Undulata
Crypt Wendtii Green
Crypt Wendtii Tropica
Anubis Nana
Pogostemon Erectus
Pogostemon Helferi

German Blue Ram DIED
Rainbow Shark
Otto Cat
Yoyo Loach - evicted
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There we go! I was wondering when the tank shots would come in. That looks great! I really like the design of that stand. Very clean looking, espcially for using all 2x4s!

Are you planning on leaving a large open area with all the plants on your little driftwood island? Or will you fill in the right side also?
Not sure if I will add plants to the right side later but right now I like the look of the open area gives the fish a open spot to swim without going threw plants
That is one sexy scape! I really like that
Decide to put my anubis mother plant in the tank for now till I decide what to do with it

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Well this morning we had a death my German blue ram , my yoyo loach wouldnt leave him alone and stressed him to much and took a big bite from him . He will be missed
Nice setup, I like your driftwood placement. Any plan to add co2?
Not planning on co2 I like to keep it simple , I have had good luck with growth with out it I do dose micros and macros and exell every once and a while
Well since my german blue ram died I am in need for a new kinda fish and suggestions for my tank layout what would be a good fish ?
Yeah let's see them! :D

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OOOOOO those are beautiful! I love those dark angels like that. Very complimentary to your scape.
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