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40b/20g sump/refugium?

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I've ran low-tech planted tanks for several years now...and I'm ready to take it up a notch.

In the next few weeks, I plan on getting a 40g breeder, and doing a med-high light, pressurized Co2 epic tank.

I currently have a low-tech 20g long up and running. I'm wondering if I should convert this 20g long into a sump/refugium for the 40g build. I'm very intrigued by being able to:

- Hide the equipment.
- Contain the filter mechanisms within the sump.
- Inject the Co2 into the sump.

My googling efforts yield a lot of saltwater-related results. I'm wondering how many FW tanks utilize a sump? I'm also wondering if this is overkill for a 40g setup?

If this is a good re-use of my 20g, are there any tried and true sump DIYs?
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Well, you can't really have TOO much filtration. I had a 20 long sump (DIY; feel free to shoot me a PM if you want a pic of it or want to get it since I noticed you are in Charlotte as well) on my 90 gallon tank and loved how I was able to get everything out of the display tank, aside from a powerhead to keep water moving around.
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