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Danner Supreme Mag Drive has been the industry standard for at least 40 years.

All are sealed and usable either internally or externally.

They come in capacities from 250gph to 2,400gph, all with good head pressure in relation to the rated flow.
I've had 7 or 8 units in different capacities in the last 35 years, all were run for many years in continuous use, and none have failed or needed repair.

Ironically, sometimes the pond models, which are the same, but come with additional attachments and a longer cord, are actually less expensive than the stand alone unit and makes more sense to buy even if you don't plan to use the accessory pieces.
They're great pumps. I've run them in my ponds 24x7 for many years. Think the oldest one that I have probably is approaching 10 years old now. Only thing that I've ever had to do to it was to replace the impeller once. And that was mostly my fault because the intake that I was using was letting larger stuff through that you'd never see in an aquarium. Some of them get a little noisy after a while (years). Outside I don't hear it unless I really listen hard but you likely would inside. Probably could be fixed with an impeller replacement and/or lube. But they still run and run and run...
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