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406 as Sump pump

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I'm setting up a small breeding and grow out rack and would like some advice/thoughts on using a fluval 406 as the return pump.
The rack will be 4x 20 longs above with a 40 breeder sump. The 406 will sit just below the 40B - so water will siphon into it. The 20 longs will be above the canister filter by ~24 inches (about the difference in water levels between the two tanks as well).

The second concern is then restricting/splitting/directing the flow into the 4 separate 20 longs. Could be really working that 406...

I guess this really warrants an experiment to see what the outflow is at a head of 2 ft.
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I think using a single return pump will make your life a whole lot easier. Getting canister siphons to operate on a single tank can be enough of a challenge at times. The thought of splitting the outlet 4 ways with the siphon inlet at a different level makes me cringe at the potential headaches involved in getting the canister started up.

I have a Lifegard Quiet One pump on my sump. Very reasonable price, never had a single issue with it over the 18 months it's been up and running.
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