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I am used to seeing almost every 48" t8 bulb available at 32 watts of power but what is the deal with the hagen line of t8's. They put out more watts than most normal t8 bulbs no matter what the size is. I am going to use 3x32 t8's over my low tech 75 but I was thinking about maybe using these bulbs and getting a possible 3x40 if I wanted. Is this possible? Can the average 48" t8 strip be able to power the 40 watt bulb when most are standard around 32 watts?

Here is a link to their flora-glo bulb I am talking about...

I know some people say a bulb for plants should be between 5000k to 10000k but this bulb is rated 2800k. I know this is low but the spectrum chart on the link looks pretty good. Anyone ever use one? Are they worth putting one into a combo of maybe two 6700k bulbs and one flora-glo?

What do you all think of this bulb and should it really be advertised as an aquatic plant bulb at 2800k? I know the kelvin rating is the color we see but can a 2800k bulb stimulate nice growth?

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