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40 gallon long

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I'm about to purchase a 40 gallon long aquarium, and im starting to do research on what type of lighting to use on this 48" long tank. The tank depth is 16", and my goal is to go low to medium on the lighting.

I was looking at the T5HO lighting, and most of the fixtures are about 108w. The tank will come with a canopy, and i was hoping to avoid having to hang the light higher.

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Two or three T8 bulbs would give you low light. If you can make a shiny aluminum reflector to fit behind the bulbs, 2 bulbs would work very well. Just a few days ago someone reported using a 2 bulb shop light, which had a pretty nice reflector, and it gave good light.
interesting, but the tank itself is only 12" wide, would i be able to comfortable fit three T8 bulbs in the canopy?

BTW, big fan hoppy. u always seem to be super helpful, and very informative =) is only 7 inches wide. It should give you low light, enough for most low light plants. There are many 1 and 2 bulb strip lights available that are narrow enough to fit 3 bulbs into that hood.
What if i was looking to go more towards a medium range? would the 48" fixture with 108w be too much?I started looking at a 36" T5HO fixture, 2x39w. i realize that i would have dead space of about 6" on either side.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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