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Hey Everyone! I'm a newbie here. Well at least a newbie in the realm of freshwater plants. I've had a few reef tanks over the years but have always been fascinated by some of the planted tanks I've seen across the net.

I picked up a 40 breeder last week and want to do a simple carpet bottom setup with a piece of driftwood for a single Black Piranha. I've been researching different types of Dwarf Grass and other things that appeal to me. I'm not familiar with the co2 systems as of yet. That's an area that deserves more of my attention. I may not even need a co2 system with the simple design I have in mind. Thoughts?

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and throw some ideas out there. I've found a couple of pics on google that I will post up if I can figure out how to share them to give you all the type of look I'm wanting to achieve here.
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