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40 Breeder Stocking

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I've been out of the hobby for a couple of years now but I've decide to jump back in and bought a 40 gallon breeder over the weekend. I know I want to stock it with Checker board barbs, Harlequin rasboras, and some corys but I'm not sure how many of each to shoot for. I'd like to do about 8-10 corys (more if possible) and split the rest of the fish load between the barbs and rasboras. I may add a BN pleco or something else for algae control too. Any advice on how many of each I could do? Also, regarding the desired fish...I'm thinking about doing an open top tank, do I need to worry about any of them jumping out?

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Go for it, you're on the right track. The checkerboards and harlequins don't get very large. Try a dozen or so of each. Depending on the quality of your filtration and willingness to do water changes, I don't see a problem with a half dozen or so corys either. Toss in a pair of regular or ABN and you're all set.
I've never kept checkerboards, but I have owned harlequins and never had one jump. The corys and BN plecos shoulnd't jump either.

This should proove to be a very nice tank. Are you going to stock it with live plants as well?

Take care and enjoy.
I have 7 corys in my 40g breeder, just about the right number to me. Maybe 8-10 would work as well. I kept it at 7 because I also have a Banjo Cat, 2 Clown Plecos, and 4 juvenile ABN Plecos. I didn't want to have too many bottom dwelling fish.

As Thirston said, you're on the right track. I can't comment on the other fish since I have no real knowledge about them.
I was pretty much thinking the same numbers as thirston suggested. I'll probably go with a classic Eheim 2215 or 2217 for the filtration. I'm planning on lots of crypts at this point...other plants to be determined. I had the checker board barbs once in the past and they tended to stay low in the tank so I doubt I'll have issues as far as jumping goes. The main issue will be actually finding them. I've only seen them once or twice locally. If it becomes an issue I may just double the rasbora school and/or increase the cory school.
Ask your LFS if they'll order them for you. Quite a few will do that for you.
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