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40 Breeder Re-Scape

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So I have been playing with this tank for awhile now and finally have it at a place where I am happy (kinda...). Tom Barr sent me some beautiful Manzanita that fits perfectly into the tank and looks amazing! Now I just need to go about getting some more plants to fill it out... Any suggestions?

Aquarium is inhabited by the messiest eater of all time that goes by the name of Baby-Eater (my wife named him for his habit of eating baby shrimp). He is a Serrasalmus Sanchezi "Ruby Red" (Ruby Red Spilo). No tank mates other then a breeding colony of RCS that act as his permanent food source (they breed faster then he can eat them).

I definitely would love some suggestions for some tall, mid ground, and shorter plants.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your responses!

Some pictures of Baby-Eater doing his thing which is mostly swimming, eating, or attacking anything I put into the tank, including my hands, which is why I now use large tongs to scape... (old scape can be seen in these pictures)

After a meal of frozen shrimp:

Patrolling his territory:
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Some Crypt species jumps immediately to mind when I see this tank. Low light, easy, root feeder - and lots of leaf shapes to choose from.

Your off to a great start!
The tank is actually lit by a Build My LED light... I just keep it really low at night to kind of ease baby eater into the lights out period once I go to bed.

This thing can get wicked bright when I crank it to 50%.

100% is like the surface of the sun!
Do you have c02 on this tank? If not, and especially with the Anubias in a full light space I would keep the light turned back to keep the tank algae free. If you shade the Anubias then you could turn it up a little with the addition of c02 and go for some tougher species like hc.

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I do have pressurized CO2 and and automatic fert doser set up on this tank... I've had some issues with algae in the past but not sense I started dialing the light way down with the LED set up. I may move the Anubias to shadies positions beneath branches to fill it out a bit once the Crypts arrive. I'll just have to wait and see how it looks once I have everything.

Hopefully sometime this week I will be recieving 3x Crypt Nurii and about 2 dozen other Crypy sp.'s from a pair of board members. This bad boy should fill in rather quickly. If I can get it all planted and thriving without Baby Eater taking a chunk out of my hand I'll call it a win.

Pictures to come once the new plants arrive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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