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4 or 6 bulb Tek light for 120p??

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Looking for which light you would get for an ADA 120p (65gal) tank. I am planning on growing Utricularia graminifolia with some other high light plants.

I am also considering a HQI, PC or T-5, moonlight combo hood but I can't find a decent one for planted tanks. They are already over twice the amount of the Tek lights and I would hate still have to pay more to replace some of the bulbs
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One particular LFS in my area agreed to switch my bulbs for free for purchasing the light. The problem is that all the bulbs in the hqi systems almost always seemed to be wrong for me. It's one thing to have them replace one or two bulbs, but all of them? If it were me, I would want the cf's at 10000k and the hqi at 6500k and I have only found one brand that has these already installed (Hamilton) but I didn't like the light it'self. It appears that as the tanks get bigger, the selection for freshwater gets less and less. Look at Coralife; nice systems but they stop producing fresh systems (at least in high power) at the 3-4' range.

Really, what would it take for these manufacturers to produce a planted version? We know that they have the bulbs and the lights themselves work just fine. So, it's just a matter of packaging. That little problem can cost us hundreds. What am I going to do with actinic cf's or a 15,000k hqi?!
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