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Are you sure you brought them submerged? Most if not all HC Cuba are sold emerged and are place under water when they reach the pet store. All the major aquatic plant sellers do that, the only time you get submerged HC is when you buy off of a local seller, usually.

Anyways, if they are submerged and you do a dry start, this is what you're forcing the plant to do. It now has to switch all it's leafs to emerge, then when you fill it with water, it has to switch it's leaf back. All of this is very stressful for HC Cuba. I seen HC Cuba in worst shape that bounce back so it sort of a toss up if you want to keep going with this. Hopefully you see some new growth, it's a very beautiful plant.

Disclaimer - I have never grown HC Cuba in my life, so don't take my words too seriously.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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