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I have a 3 gallon finnex, and used a nice desk lamp for light. For about six months I used a GE 10w=40watt Daylight 6500k From the grocery store. I experimented with DIY CO2, but had some BBA issues. I quit the DIY CO2 and cut my lights down to four hours a day to fight it. The plants looked good though. I wanted to switch to one of the GE LED 3000k Floodlights they have in the store here. 4watt or 7watt(10w if it was bigger). While i was there I found two lights of america 1.5w LED 6500k bulbs for $5 so I grabbed one to try. Hoping to find a coupon or sale on the GE bulbs after the holiday. Wondering if anyone else has tried these. Will let you know what results I see.Couldn't post links due to post count.

Also if anyone is interested. My nano was in advanced aquarist. It is a shot of my DIY CO2 in October 09 issue. With the green bottle. Article below.

Freshwater Aquariums: How to Dose a Plant Tank, Part 1: Carbon Dioxide
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