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3gal Marineland LED

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Tank: 3 gallon Marineland Acrylic LED
Light: Stock LED Light
Filter: Tetra Whisper 10i with media from a AC20
Substrate: Petco Black Sand
Heater: Topfin 25w
Plants: Rotala Roundtifolia, Banana Plant
Decor: Zebra Rock and driftwood
Fish: Male Marble Betta

Just starting a journal here to link and keep track of changes.

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Your betta is beautiful, and I like the combo of marbled fish and rock. If you're looking for plant ideas ... that wood in the background is just begging for some java fern or anubias to be tied to it! Both are good in low-light tanks, and have broad leaves, which bettas appreciate for napping. :)

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Thanks! I didn't mean for him to match the rock, I didn't even know he was a marble until he started to change. Actually I posted in a betta forum because I was worried something was wrong LOL

I really do want to figure out a different plant to put in both my betta tanks instead of just the rotala roundtifolia (finally found the name).

He tries to hang out at the top in the plants where they bunch up, so I can tell he would like something else.
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