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3G Picotope

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My new southest asian aquatope....I just started setting this up yesterday. Will post more pics later after the water has aged some and more plants are added. Pics below are what I've done so far...

Black flourite on bottom layer.

Next, white sand gravel on top of that...

Large cup of java moss to be harnessed onto my new freshly boiled driftwood.

Java moss secured.

Everything into the water. Will let the filter cycle and the water age for a while before I put my fish into it. Of course, will plant a bunch of plants (asian species) into it soon....waiting on a bunch being shipped in the mail.

Will post more pics as soon the dust settles and this tank becomes filled!
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Hard scape looks good. Did you change your bulb on the light fixture? I've seen some 13watt bi pins at lowes/home depot for 2 dollars each. It's not acitinic so the bulb doesn't have that blue tinge on it.
Nice start, i had a tank just like it and replaced the light for somthing a little stronger
No, I didn't change my light bulb....actually in my pics above the light is not even on. In the last pic, you'll notice my light is actually sitting there to the left of my tank. :)

Thanks for the compliments...there will definitely be more to come and I will post pics when I add more.
Just trimmed the plants and changed the water so I thought I'd upload updates on my 3G nano (before all the crap grows out of control again)'s some pics:

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Cool tank, I want to get a small bow-front tank sometime in the near future.
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