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I like this bow front mini tank and i think im gonna get my self one when im able to get a light for it. For the species, i suggest ya go with Red Cherry Shrimp since they are colorful and really hardy! Beside that they don't eat their fry so your daughter will have fun time finding and watching them! Try to find some deal in the WTS threads for the rcs, i had a good deal there. You gotta cover the filter intake though. TPT member sell them about 25 for $25 and always come with extra. Most of them are juveniles so ill just toss them in the tank, if its too crowded, take some big ones to the other tank! Since you want to stick with no co2 tank, your plants choice will be limited but in my suggestions : Glossostigma or Hydrocotyle japan! The glossostigma might grow upward instead of spreading without co2 but you can always trim to lead them to the way you want! Good luck and hope to see more updates ( with pics ) !
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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