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This was my first tank. It started the addiction when we moved into our house, the last people left this tank behind. The ballast went out and when I went to the pet store to get a new one, I ended up walking out with another tank lol. So this one has been neglected ever since cause I been focused on the new tank. Now that I finished the new tank, I came back to this one. It's in my bed room so I watch it every night as I fall asleep.

Before I started adding plants. I had driftwood soaking in it.
Water Pet supply Aquatic plant Wood Fish

Laid out a few options I had laying around
Wood Art Trunk Sculpture Artifact

My new betta I picked out last night to add to the tank
Automotive lighting Hood Fluid Liquid Bumper

The hood, desperately needing cleaning
Brown Wood Sleeve Rectangle Material property

Attached my java fern to the rock
Plant Houseplant Terrestrial plant Creative arts Wood

Added my plants

Water Plant Pet supply Aquatic plant Fish supply

Attached some leds from my other tank to the hood

Rectangle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Glass

Cheap ballast from Walmart with a plant bulb.
Wood Wood stain Hardwood Gas Flooring


Plant Water Vertebrate Green Pet supply

Added the new betta
Water Plant Pet supply Insect Marine biology

Angel fish is a little unsure about him

Water Vertebrate Plant Pet supply Fish supply

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Lol yeah I've been at it for 5 months now. I told my husband I was done now that I bought these plants. He rolled his eyes cause he knows I'm not.

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