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38 Gallon Revival

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Looks like the 38 is coming back to life. Its been sitting around since I set up my 55, and I finally got the go ahead to get it going again. Here is a pic of it just before tearing it down and moving to the 55:

I am going to try to do a tree scape in it, using this as inspiration. I know I know everyone tries it.... but I've loved that scape since I first started learning about planted tanks, so now I'm gonna give it a go

:help: I'm debating about whether to stick with the Black sand that I have left in there, or if I want to completely start over and use ADA's Aquasoil...

Equipment I need:
Solenoid Manifold with dual output - no clue where to get this as most of our reg builders are MIA right now...
Post Body kit for co2
Canister Filter
Hydor ETH 200 heater
Cerges Reactor
36" Odyessa T5HO Quad light with timer

For the Scape:
Driftwood for the tree
Singapore Moss
LOTS of Dwarf Baby Tears or UG
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New needle valve and barb ordered... now I have to see if my manifold has a 10/32 output. Otherwise, I'll be ordering another one and completely re-doing my co2 system :p
Got a SunSun HW-302 filter and Hydor ETH 200 heater ordered. I was able to pick up some scrubber sponges last night. I may swing by there this weekend and pick up more. I've got plenty of foam pieces left over from my last filter build that I should be good to go on media for this filter already!
All of the required equipment is due in today except for my CO2 reactor. I should be able to pick up the parts for it this morning. Hopefully I will have everything up and running by Sunday.
That's a great size tank for a tree scape. Looking forward to watching you build it. Take lots of pics! :smile:
oh Pics are coming. I'm going to try to take pics of everything, including how I put together my filter, since there is a real lack of instructions for it :p
Assembly of the SunSun HW-302 PIC HEAVY

Here is a basic breakdown of how I set up my SunSun HW-302 filter (also called the GW-302). The instructions (or lack there of) leave something to be desired, so I decided to write a bit of a How-to for anyone out there that needs a bit of help. I know when I got my first canister filter, I was extremely overwhelmed, so hopefully this will help you out.

So here I are with our brand new filter. I absolutely love these filters. They are great little filters at a very affordable price…

So, once you open the box you will find the filter wrapped in bubble wrap and a white box filled with attachments.

Lets just set the filter off to the side for now and dig into the attachments box. Inside the attachment box you will find 2 hoses (5/8” hose) and 3 little bags. Take out the three bags and place the box with the hoses off to the side

In the smallest bag, you will find the quick connect. One side says IN the other says OUT

Place it on your filter as illustrated below

The next bag I happened to grab was the Output connections.

These are the pieces I decided to use as this is going to go on the short end of my 55.

The front view of the pieces put together.

Back view:

Last up is the Input connection bag.

The pieces I decided to use:

All put together:

At this point you can cut your hoses to the correct size and attach them if you would like. I’m putting this on hold as I’ve still got to get parts for my DIY Cerges Reactor, so that will come later. I can go ahead and put the media in the filter though. So I set the connectors off to the side and unwrapped the filter from the bubble wrap, and pop off the top.

Lift up on that little handle in the middle and all three trays will come out.

The trays just pop apart. You will notice that they gave you filter floss in each tray. I take all of the floss out and rinse it in old aquarium water. I do this with all of my media to jump start the bacteria growth. You can use regular loose filter floss or polyester fiber-fil for this as well… I’ve done all three… all with the exact same results. This will be the first layer your water filters through. The idea is to pull as much of the gunk out of the water as possible. This will be your dirtiest layer when you come back to clean out your filter each month.

I then put all 3 filter pads back into the bottom tray and set it aside.

In the middle tray I’m using 20 ppi foam pieces. I stuff as much as I can in there so that there is more surface area for the bacteria to colonize on. In this case, the more bacteria the better.

Snap that tray on top of the one with the filter floss.
Finally I am down to the last tray. I am using plastic scrubby sponges. I squeezed 15 of these in there for my last layer of filtration. These have a ton of surface area for bacterial colonies.

Click that on top of your other two trays, and don’t forget to put the top screen on top of the top tray like I did….

Notice where the hole in the tray is in reference to the handle. This is important when placing the top back on the filter. That hole needs to line up with your input hose.

Remember to rinse all of your filter media in old aquarium water... The stuff squeezed out of an old filter is best, but the aquarium water you pulled out for your water change will work well too.

Well that’s about it for tonight. I’ll be getting the parts for my CO2 reactor soon so that I can get this all up and running. I will also be adding an inline heater to this setup.
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