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38 gallon filtration

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So I just scored an Aqueon 38 gallon kit from Petco that comes with everything except the stand for 37 dollars! It comes with a the standard light hood, heater and filter etc from Aqueon.

I will more than likely switch out the filter as well as everything else later. It's an Aqueon Quietflow LED 30. I see there is also Aquaclear 50 power filters on amazon right now for 30 dollars. Would this be enough filtration for a 38 gallon tank 36x12x20 coupled with a Hydor Koralia powerhead you think?
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Aquaclear 50 power filter is so powerful so I think it can filters an aquarium from 20 gallon to 50 gallon. I use it for my 30 gallon aquarium and it works very well.
always depends on what your going to do or what you want to do with the tank
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