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37g Progress

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Restarted my old 37g earlier this February after almost 10 years hiatus. Very new to planted aquariums but looks like I'm doing something right :)

Tank: 37 gallon

Substrate: Eco Complete mixed with some Flora Max and Gravel

Lighting: Aqueon Coralife Dual T5NO

Equipment: Fluval 306, SunSun HW-302 and a Hydor 200W Heater

Fertilizers: (Dry) KNO3, KH2PO4, Plantex CSM+B, Iron Chelate, Flourish Tabs and Flourish Excel via Tom Barr's dosing with no CO2 method

Plants: Amazon Sword, Red Tiger Lotus, Crypt Balansae, Bacopa, Ludwigia, Rotala, Hygrophila Angustofolia and Difformis, Anubias and Javafern tied to mopani wood

Fish: (3) Albino Corys, (3) Bronze Corys, (5) Male Platies, (1) Blue Dwarf Gourami, (3) Cherry Barbs, (1) Neon Tetra, (3) Ghost Shrimp, (1) Yellow Pomacae Bridgesii and a few MTS

February 2012 (Start):

It's been amazing to see how much growth I've gotten, especially the Amazon Sword. I have to thank this community for being an awesome source for planted aquariums.

This is where I am now. I have switched from only using Flourish Excel, Comprehensive and Flourish Tabs to Dry Ferts via Tom Barr's dosing with no CO2 method


I started out with only a single HOB (Fluval C4) and since then have upgraded to a Fluval 306 and just recently a SunSun HW-302 I purchased from another forum member here. It's keeping the tank clean and healthy :)

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Aww shame. Glad you think it's going to recover though :)

I'd not seen this tank before, how lush was that?

Hope it's not long till it's all grown out again :)

Thanks Jedi! The last time it was nice and lush was back in september (see post #4 of this thread).

Needs some TLC and patience and it will be back to its glory again. :)

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Beautiful tank!
Thank you!

I finally took off that background and put a nice black one.

It's been the background since I got this tank a loooong time ago. I just remember getting this back when I was still in high school many years ago. My brother and I saved and pooled our money together to get this tank. We set it up as an "Amazon" theme tank similar to something we saw in a magazine. We had fake plants, Angels, mix of tetras and corys. A lot of noob mistakes were made but it was a learning experience. It was then converted to a cichlid tank and I had an awesome Jack Dempsey all throughout college and he eventually passed of old age :( I lost interest and my brother took over but our lives moved on with starting our own lives and family and the tank was left with neglect at my Parents' house. Last year my parents wanted this thrown out and I took it instead and cleaned it up.

It's not as fancy as the newer tanks, it's got plenty of scratches, but I have history with this tank :)
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