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37g Low Tech Discus Tank

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Since I probably won't be getting a 55/75g tank anytime soon, and my discus can't live in my 10g forever, I am going to reset-up my 37g tall. I want it to be somewhat planted, with mainly slow growing stems, 1 amazon swordplant, crypts, and whatever I can find in the Swap and Shop. Since it will be low tech, I plan on either having normal sand or gravel as substrate. Filtration will be some sort of canister filter, still to be decided. Fish will mainly be 3-4 discus, a small school of tetras or rasboras, 1 GBR, and a trio of corys. Lighting will probably be something from AH Supply. I will have 4 DIY CO2 Bottles running on the tank, and an airpump running at night. Hopefully, I will use minimum ferts. Sound good?
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Hopefully your discus are juvies? I think they might get crowded as they grow.
Only got one discus at the moment, its around 4in. I do plan on getting a 55/75g in the near future, but it just isn't possible at the moment.
55's usually aren't very expensive or hard to get

Watch craigslist
Its not that I can't find one, Its just lack of space for one.
37 gallons is too small for 3-4 discus. If you can't get a bigger tank you should choose other fish. I had 4 discus in my 55 gallon and it was pushing it.
I think you will be better off with finding an established breeding pair of discus and some tetras for your tank. While the breeders may be expensive, you don't need perfect ones or even fertile ones if you are not a serious discus nut. The two will get along, and you can prevent the over population problem that happens if you don't follow the 1 discus per 10 gallons of water rule (actual gallons, not incl substrate).

Take some advice from a former discus hobbiest. This was my foray into discus:

1) Had a 35 gallon tank with tetras and practised raising plants in it.
2) Purchased a 65 gallon tank and planted it. I let the plants get established before adding discus.
3) A few varieties of plants melted in the 84 degree water. Replaced them with others.
4) Added discus (none fully grown)
5) Fed beefhaeart, bloodworms and flakes. Made big mess. Discus hate mess.
6) To solve the problem in #5, I had to siphon and 20% water change to get them to grow every day.
7) Still too much decaying matter in tank. Discus were not growing.
8) Removed all plants and gravel from tank. Placed sword plants in little clay pots.
9) Much easier to keep clean.
10) Gave up on the plants all together and went with bare bottom tank.
11) Discus without plants = boring for me and too much work. But, I decided that raising non-fully grown discus in a planted tank was too difficult.
12) So... Got rid of discus and started a new planted tank.
13) Added fully grown wild discus, some rummy nose tetras and some ottos
14) Went with pressurized CO2 system.
15) Found out that water changes are still super important for adult discus but I just did not have the time.
16) Moved and new house was full of wood floors and carpet = not good for frequent water changes.
17) Gave up on discus.
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