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Im in the process of setting up a new tank! I have had a 5.5 gallon shrimp only tank for a few months now & just got a new 37 gallon.

Im going for big aquarium, tiny leaves & fish! Like a tiny plant jungle. :grin2:

Current status -

Tank is chillin' in its final location with substrate & some water waiting for me to decide what plants to order!

Set up -

37 gallon tall deep blue tank
Fluval canister filter
Thin layer of flora max to make hills
Thicker layer of Amazonia
no CO2 right away, maybe later

Here are the plants I’m thinking about -

Staurogyne repens
Reinecki mini
mini dwarf hair grass
tall hair grass
Dwarf hair grass
Cryptocoryne Balansae
Cryptocoryne wendti
Micro sword

When the time comes Ill put a ton of tetras in!

Any thoughts? how do those plants sound for somewhat of a beginner?

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That Crypt Balansae is beautiful but can grow quite tall, not sure if it is trimmable. In my case I used Italian vals which are totally trimmable and give a great tall grassy affect.

Love the idea of the Crypt, there are some great ones out there! my tanks are mostly Crypts because of the low maintenance and they are not Co2 dependant. Best of luck in your build
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