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I'm planning on redoing my 36 gal bow front tank.

My tank dimensions are as follows:
30" (wide)
15" (deep from the middle of the bow front)
11" (deep from the sides before the bow starts to curve)

So with the following dimensions I'm having trouble deciding what light I can get that will grow an HC Cuba carpet.

I have been looking into the Ai Prime HD Freshwater version but I'm afraid they wont be sufficient at that depth.

Of course the Orphek V4 Atlantick V4 Gen2 would be fantastic but I really don't have $1K+ to drop on a light, even though it's tempting 🤣

My current lights are the 2x HIRO AQUATICS Full Spectrum WRGB 95W
Originally these lights seemed really good, and they do in fact make my plants pearl but I'm worried that the spectrum isn't right for my plants.
It states that the color temp is 9000K - 12000K.
Somehow I feel as that's not optimal as I've heard that plants are grown best at 6500K - 7000K.

Any advice on these lights?

What is a reasonable light that would be good for my tank depth?

Another thing I want to ask is that I want to change out my substrate but not sure its worth it.

I have the Eco Complete now but I want to switch it out to the ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil V2

My reasoning is that I heard the Eco Complete doesn't have any nutrients that will help the plants grow to their best potential.

Is it worth switching out my substrate to the ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil V2?

Thanks for your time!
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