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36g Bowfront

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3 penguin tetra
4 red blue colmbian tetra
Need to add a few more penguin tetras to spread aggression. Lost two of each species in quarantine during ich treatment. Plan to add a few more groups of tetras and some ottos haven't decided yet.

Rotala colorata
Rotala indica
Bacopa monnieri
Ludwigia red
Ludwigia inlcinata
Limnophila mini
Limnophila aromtica

Filtration eheim 2213
Lights 250watt Mh want to switch to the fluval leds? Is one fixture sufficient?
Co2 injection waiting for my used canister to be hydro tested
Dosing pps pro
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Had to sell Mh because of heat etc. Settled for the fluval led fixture. I seem to be getting ok growth tank is now almost two weeks old Rotala colorata especially some pearling and L. Aromatica seems to be doing well. Having an algae outbreak, small water changes 5g one large one is in order. A little bummed out on the algae still dosing pps pro and co2 1-2 bbps. Nitrate are very low but only reading a strip test so accuracy is useless.
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Would defintly change to a solid back ground that on has way to much going on , but if you like it thats what matters
Lol thanks it looks better in person it's an old shirt haha but ya just kind of random I agree I hope once the plants fill in more it wont be as distracting. But it's kind of a inside joke.



Everything is running out of room chop chop, 1 week later

Can anyone ID this got it as a bonus


I have a bad clouding problem kinda looks like underwater smoke. I'm dosing dry ferts with the pps system but stopped to see if it was the reason 5 days still no better I lost one tiny Otto almost a month ago but never found the corpse, does trimming cloud the water if I recall that's about when it started probably need to do another15 gal wc. Any ideas
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looks like algae problems....what are your params?
Here are the only readings I have at the moment, no nitrates. I'm guessing my phosphate may be a little high, I need to take a sample next time I'm at the lfs.

I think the algae bloom came when I cut literally every plant 2/3 back at once and continued dosing normal ferts and high co2. So I'm backing off and getting ready for LG wc.
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Little vid of the water finally cleared up


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Hitchhiker snail good or bad


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Nice tank, you've got some really good plant growth going there.

Also, digging the background... ;)
Sweet thanks. I bunched up all the aromatica stems and keeping these other stems trimmed back. The anubia and ludwigia is doing good and the rotala corolata is creeping along the front glass also. Some black colored algae but at bay with lots of fish
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