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36 inch lights?

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I have a 45g tank, 36" L, and I've been looking around trying to find lights to fit over it. Problem is, most lights are either 24", 48", or even larger. Anyone know of a good place to pick up fluorescent strips in my size? What I ultimately want to do is get T8's, either two 2 lamps and combine them or one 4 lamp and then make my own hood to fit over them. I'm looking for anywhere from 135 to 225 total watts(3-5wpg) and then I'll find bulbs to fit. Will bulbs in that size also be a problem? Also, would I maybe be better off just finding the right size fixture with whatever wattage and then overdrive it to where I want the light level? Thanks for any help!
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I've never seen any PAR readings for that specific fixture. I had to raise it about 14" above my 40 breeder. Had it right on top and the light was waaaay too much. Crazy algae. Most feedback is that the reflectors are not the best but more than adequate. I'll always look at these Odyssea fixtures for future light needs.

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