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So finally i decided to start a journal. this is my first planted tank.

36 Gallon Bowfront Aqueon Aquarium,
HOB Aqueon filter (hoping that soon it will be changed to Eheim or Fluval canister),
Aqueon heater.

Pressurized, 5 lb tank with Milwaukee regulator, Mr.Aqua Ceramic Diffuser.

Nova Extreme T5HO 2x24


1/4 Tsp-KN03 3x a week, 1/8 Tsp-KH2P04 3x a week, 3/4 Tsp-GH booster once a week, 5ml Seachem Flourish 3x a week, Seachem root tabs.

Ph 6.4 to 7, KH 4, GH 6

Blyxa Japonica, Limnophlia Aromatica, Nesea Triflora.

Guppies, Zebra Danios, Cories, Ottos, Ghost Shrimp.

This is how the tank looked like before tear down:

Background ready to be painted:


Big leap forward:

Two weeks later it is a disaster:
Wood was removed, half or more plants died.

Blyxa Japonica: white growth (what kind of deficiency is it ?)

Limnophlia Aromatica:

A little update after almost a month


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Yeah water is hard and it might be a problem (too bad i can't afford a R/O filter or just to buy water from store) Actually it was higher before, Kh was in like 15 range and GH 25.. I used some distilled water to bring it down.

I used this for my dosing:

I think next week i will move into the 40-60 range and see how that will work. API test kits are on the way to test for Phosphate and Nitrate so i will be able to tell my levels and update this thread.

Water change is 50% weekly yeah.

Co2 levels are okay i think, drop checker is light green to yellowish. Adjusted it based on drop checker and fish behavior, can't push it anymore as it will make the fish gasp for air.

Any idea why my Blyxa Japonica is turning snow white ?

Also i think flow in the aquarium might be too low, i have 2 Circulation pumps coming in on friday so i'll see if it will change anything.

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Turning white could be a sign of missing N, but since you are adding almost 20 ppm every week most likely that's not it. IME "soft water" plants don't do well in hard water, unless everything is in excess. Looks like you are adding enough micros, however, in hard water (with often related higher pH), some of them like Fe and Mn are not as plant available.

Perhaps consider changing out your plants. That way you don't have to go to extremes to provide them with softest water. If you are not hard set on specific ones, there are many that will do well in hard water.
I don't dose additional Iron but I'm going to start adding it next week and see if it changes anything. I really love the plants that i have and i would prefer to keep them but if i fail completely i will get something else and see how that goes.

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Little update on water parameters.

Ph is at 7.2
Kh 9
Gh 10

I received the tests today for phosphate and nitrate.

Phosphate is 10 ppm (and i think it's higher than that since API test kit goes to 10.
Nitrate is 20-40 ppm range (it's hard to say from the color card but it falls between 20-40 i think)

Tomorrow water change !!

I have bought 10 gallons of distilled water to bring Kh and Gh lower.

Also added a circulation pump.

Any input will be appreciated ! Thanks !
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