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36 Bowfront

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Hey guys! I was hoping I could get some suggestions for how to aquascape my new 36 gallon bow front tank. It's a high tech tank. I can list the specifics if need be but I don't think that's necessary for this. I know It's a crappy picture, I just set it up. I am hoping to get a better one tomorrow and post it on here. Right now there is an amazon sword in the back middle that's probably gonna dominate that space. I am planning to get stems lining all the way across the back and in the back corners. I am gonna have crypts growing in the front left corner, and I'm thinking something similar for the right corner. Right now there are a bunch of java ferns all around the base of the sword. I'm not really sure where to put them. I was considering attaching them to the wood. I'm not sure if that would detract from my planned stems in the back though. Idk any suggestions are good. I'm mostly just rambling now. I want to hear you guys opinions!

P.S. I have kind of been itching to grow some DHG in one of my tanks.

P.S.S. Completely different scape ideas are welcome!

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Looks good, I like the shelf that the driftwood provides. I would attach some anubus nana and some java ferns to it. I think it would look nice. Could even droop some willow moss off the edges of the front to give it a cave kinda effect. Thats just $0.02
Maybe add a couple clumps of Anachairs or val to give it some height. I LOVEEE the ledge in the driftwood, my piece is lame. I found the perfect peice but it was about 5 feet out of reach, over the water.
If only I had a grappling hook. Not joking about that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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