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35G Corner tank ?'s

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Ok so i just downsized from a 46G bow to this tank. I always wanted a corner tank it fits perfect in my apartment. What i want to have is a med/ high light tank w/ DIY CO2/ canister filter?/ i will be doseing ferts but trying to keep it simple maybe excel or some others that make life easy/ and it will have a mountain type of scape in it. So as i was going through the planning for the tank i ran into a few issues. 1. Lighting how to get even light in the front and back it will be about 17" from top to lower level substrate and not sure how high the mountain will be yet. The front is 24" and the back is like 8" or so. 2. What size canister filter to get i had a XP2 on my 46 but its too big on this tank? 3. Substrate im looking at buying the MTS (i have to ask if its black like sand) and top with flourite black sand would this work well with the fert/light level i am looking at? Any help would be great thanks.


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Any help!!
If you stay low medium in the light category you might get away with just running DIY CO2. 30 gal seems to be the accepted max size for the conventional DIY set up. Why not set up a pressurized system? A light fixture to put you in the "high" light category is nearly as expensive. With pressurized CO2 you could get into the medium/high light range and still effectively control algae. You'll never regret CO2. You likely will regret constructing a small sun on top of your tank.

It's been my experience that anything above medium light not only requires CO2, but really good, and well distributed CO2.

I don't think an XP2 would be too big at all. It's probably just about right.
I have to save for a while to get a pressurized CO2 so that will be a while down the road. Thats awesome that i can keep my XP2 i guess i would need a large spray bar to dispurse the outflow.

What kind of lighting could i set up for the back of the tank? I was looking at a t5NO duel fixture for the front of the tank but that would leave the back dark. Any suggestions?
Bump for help
Ok that looks perfect. Thanks
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