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I am new and originally posted this in the wrong forum. Can someone help?

Hello, I have been given a 35 gallon Hexagon tank for FREE by a co-worker and I am trying to figure the lighting situation out on this tank.

Here is what I have done thus far: the substrate is CaribSea Floramax(about 3-4 inches deep), the tank is cycling with a Betta :fish:, the filter is a Marineland Penguin 150 from an established tank with plenty of little bacteria critters. The water is neutral, and surprisingly there is no ammonia...yet.

What I want: I want to put plants in this tank which is why I put the floramax in. The problem is lighting. What type of light can give me a successful planted tank? Must I go with a 175W, 6500K metal halide pendant? (I hear that they get really hot). Or is there a T5 or LED unit that can do the job? I would love to go with LED, but I have never had that type of unit. I read mixed reviews on LEDs and am not sure if I want to spend money on a light that will not do the job. CO2 is not a problem. I am willing to buy another regulator, bubble counter, diffuser, etc. I have no idea of the type of plants that I want yet. I do like cryptocornes and ferns. I like the carpet look but am unsure if that is possible for me with the height of this tank.

Thanks in advance
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