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33G Long Plant suggestions

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I am a complete newbie when it comes to high tech planted tanks and I am about to attempt my first one. I have a 33g long with eco complete, full line pfertz liquids, 3x54w t5ho (bought this particular fixture so I could use one, two, or three bulbs at a time), and the tank is only going to house some higher grader crs.

So here is my idea as of now. I am thinking of getting a nice Manzanita branch to divide the tank so I have a visual foreground and background. I might get some lace rock to add to my hard scape.

Foreground: At first I was thinking HC, I don't mind the slow nature of its growth and I had set up a 2.5g HC tank in college. I do not however like the idea of having to trim it later on to prevent it from becoming a mat and floating. Especially with all the little crs that I could mow down with my scissors. (Small motor skills are NOT my strong suit) I also wanted to try some erio's out along with blyxa jap. for a transition to the background. Any suggestions on a low lying carpet plant for a foreground?

Background: Honestly I am totally lost here. I was thinking of growing some fissidens on the manzanita and then do all stem plants behind the wood. I want to keep the tank largely green in the front but with a few explosions of color in the background. Any ideas?

Is liquid fert enough or do you suggest I put some tabs into the substrate?

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I was a kid in Livonia!

I woud call that hi-light for that short of a tank so I suggest you raise the light ans start right off with lots of plants, including fast-growers. I'd only put tabs under heavy root feeders like crypts and swords.

Do you plan on using CO2?
Two bulbs t5HO right on top is perfect for this tank, I've done it. EI method, DIY CO2 x2. 1 10k 1 roseate

Plant heavily to start, use a fast growing sucker weed stem to help through the 1st month. DO use root-tabs if using inert substrate.

I liked Staraugyne repens, & E. tenellus in front of mine.
Forgot, ya I have pressurized co2 ready to go. Yea Livonia! If you are a true Livonian you know of Bate's burgers

Any idea what is in the foreground of this pic? I just google staraugyne repens and saw this. Looks like a nice combo.
bump, I ordered #27 from tom barr! Now I just need to figure out my plants.
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