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This is my 2nd foray into planted tanks. Many years ago I had to move and so I donated much of my aquarium to a friend. While our permanent house is being renovated I have gotten the itch to start back with a planted tank. The surprise to me from my previous tank was how much I enjoyed shrimp and plants more than fish. This go around I am going to make a focus on a high tech Planted Shrimp Tank. Due to my work schedule and due to so many things being out of stock this will be a slow build.

Tank: 33 gallon rimless Waterbox 2420 with Stand.
Light: AI Prime 16FW
Substrate: Landen Aquasoil (when it arrives back into stock)
Water: R/O water
Filter: Sponge using a pump that will pull water from filter into a Rex Griggs reactor to add Co2.
Okho (Dragon) Stone
Co2 system (will take pictures of it tonight) will need to take it apart and test it. I think I have a nice system from previously but it's been moved, stored, and probably jostled so will try to take it apart and get test things. I have a 10lb Tank that is still fairly filled.

(note to self: I will be tackling the shrimp aspect of the tank after the planted aspect is reasonably smoothed out when I can get my fert program and co2 systems acting correctly together)

Plants: TBD but the ones I know I would like are: Eleocharis Belem (dwarf hairgrass), Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan (Japanese clover), Phyllanthus Fluitans (red root floater), Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, Hornwort, Guppy Grass (at least early on). Eventually once things are in smooth running order I would like to add Bucephalandra to the tank.

Shrimp will be Caridina Bee Type so my goals for water will be PH around 5-6, GH 4-6, KH 0-1, TDS 80-100

Most of this is just to keep all my thoughts together. As I figure things out I will update as I go.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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