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32gal tank

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Hey guys and gals,
My husband bought me a 32gal tank for my birthday in May and I still havent set it up. Im waiting for my office to be finished so i can move the 20gal in my living room in my office and replace it with the 32.

The stock lighting is 2x20watts so 40watts of fluorescent lighting.

This would be considered low light correct? I just want to make sure.
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it depends if you want to set up a low tech tank or a high tech tank... I use the window & sunlight too for my low tech tank.
Well i know i dont want a high tech because i dont want to use CO2 just flourish excel.
I just wanted to know if 40watts over a 32gal is considered low light or medium light. Some say up to 1.5 is low light and up to 2.5 is medium but some also say that 2.5 is low.
I just wanted to make sure where the wattage on my tank stands.
i'd say 1.5wpg is in the low range..
anything above 2.5wpg is in the high range.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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