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Hi friends,

I've done nano tanks in the past, but am moving into creating my first "aquascape." I'm an artist and also work at a botanical garden during the day, so I'm hoping some of my horticultural and creative skills on land translate to underwater! :laugh2:

I want to create something lush, tropical, with pops of color. I love texture as well, so I've ordered plants with a variety of leaf shapes and patterns. I decided to go in the direction of a "Jungle" style of aquascaping, as I am new to the hobby as well as have a fairly demanding schedule, so I need something that can take a little error here and there. Plus, I garden in the tropics, so I would love to have that look in a tank as well. Also, I wanted the tank to have a sloping, layered look without having to invest in tons of rock, so I'm going to do the best I can using substrate, wood, and different heights of plants.I did a very fast watercolor-pencil sketch of roughly what I'm thinking.

Here are two tanks in particular which I draw inspiration from (shout out to Fishly for finding the build link from a photo I saw on Pinterest!):

How to set up an underwater jungle aquarium ? Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
Distant Hollow: A dramatic aquascape by Exotic Aquatics ? Advanced Aquarist | Aquarist Magazine and Blog

Here's my set up:

AQUARIUM- Mr. Aqua 32 gal Rimless/Frameless Tank (24x18x18)

LIGHTING- Current Satellite Freshwater LED+

FILTRATION- Penn-Plax Cascade 500

CO2- DIY Generator from Amazon (using yeast and sugar)

PLANTS: (Will provide list and photos next time I post)

I just placed an order through, so I am looking forward to getting those by Thursday. For now, I am setting up my CO2 generator, lighting, and filter as well as planning placement of substrate and driftwood. The wood has been soaking in water about 2 weeks, so they should sink when I finally put them in the tank. I have a few photos to share... I dumped in a 20lb bag of regular substrate, but will add 3 more of my Eco Complete once the plants arrive. So note that this is not all the substate!! Also, I have left the plastic wrap on the glass until I plant in order to keep it clean. I placed the wood 2 different ways, and I'm curious to what you think on the placement.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I'm not sure what to do yet in terms of fish... thinking maybe a giant school of neon tetras, but I'm open.


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