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Hey guys! A little introduction: My name is Jordan Chelsea, I'm 32 and live in Sacramento, CA. I started a tank build in 2013 that was set up until 2016 and most of the components of this aquarium are from that first build. Nice to me you guys. :)

So...I've finally started to plant my 32 gallon rimless aquarium and I would love to share and hear any advice! I am fairly new to the hobby so please be gentle. Here are some specs:

Aquarium: 32 gallon Mr. Aqua rimless (24x18x18)
Filter: 2217 Eheim Filter
Lighting: 2x T5 (sunblaster and fiji purple)
1x Ecoxotic E-series
Attached to DIY light fixture
Regulator: GLA Pro 1
Heater: Hydor inline
Substrate: Aquasoil
Stainless steel pipes
inline co2 diffuse
EI dosing with 2x weekly water changes

Water parameters:
PH 6.6
(will update in a few hours)

So far everything looks good! It's only been a little more than a week. I'd like to do carpeting 'montecarlo' throughout the whole foreground and the path between the rocks. I haven't taken much time to design a full scape and am just winging it at the moment. It is important to me that the tank remains stable right now and the plants are healthy and I will build from there.

My main concerns are the lights and nutrients. As I have asked and mentioned to others, I'm really not understanding how to adjust the EI to 2x weekly water changes. My brain can't seem to do the math. Are there any more tests kits I should get? RIght now I just have an API master test kit, KH/GH and a phosphates test kit. I feel like understanding nutrients and their balance is the biggest learning curve for me at the moment.

Also, I think my lights are good but I'm not sure. I built a magnetic DIY light fixture from a sheet of steel. painted and sealed it and then attached two T-5 HO lights and my extra Ecoxotic E-series to still have the ramp up/down and moonlight settings. The benefit is that I can add and remove lights as needed. I can easily fit 2/3 more pieces on there or just take them off to clean the tank. It isn't as warped as the picture and I'm really happy how they turned out on my budget. :)

Please let me know what you guys think! I'll have to learn some secrets to aquarium photography to but here is a quick iPhone shot before cleaning:

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