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Hi all,

I've now setup my second tank and have decided try a high tech setup using the DSM.

Here's the list of equipment:
- 32 gallon rimless (purchased used for $40)
- Eheim Ultra G90
- Current Satellite LED+ Pro
- Aquamax dual gauge professional CO2 regulator
- EI fertilizing
- Glass hardware

Hardscape materials:
- ADA Power Sand
- ADA AquaSoil (normal and powder type)
- Pool filter sand
- Manten stone
- Another dark stone (can't remember the name)
- Maybe driftwood at some point, but not sure where it would work within my layout

As of right now, I have the following:
- Dwarf hairgrass
- Glossostigma
- Staurogyne repens
- Anubias Nana Petite
- Java fern

I have some alternanthers reineckii mini, lilaeopsis brasiliensis, rotala bonsai, and more anubias nana on the way. All of the plants except for the anubias and Java fern are Tropica 1-2 Grow. I ended up with snails previously and am trying to do everything to prevent them from getting into this tank. I'll be getting some taller stem plants/vallisneria later on once I decide which plants to go with.

This is my first time doing the dry start method, so it'll be a learning experience. I've opted not to flood the tank to the lowest point of the substrate, and instead spray the tank liberally every morning and evening. I lift the plastic wrap off of the top of the tank for 15-20 mins when I get off work to allow for some gas exchange. My light is set at 50% and is on for 12 hours. For the sat plus pro owners out there, is that bright enough?

I setup the hardscape probably a month ago and have been sitting on it because I wasn't happy with it. After getting to a point where I was just frustrated I decided to adjust a few things and go ahead with the setup anyways. I'm not happy with how thick the sand has gotten in the front of the tank, so I'm considering removing the sand on the left and let the substrate fall down and take its place. In doing so it won't be as thick. I'll leave the sand pathway and reduce its depth as required if I do end up changing the setup.

Here are some pics:


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