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Hi there everyone,

I'm needing some expertise/opinions on what type of lighting to get for my new 240G tank. Here are the important issues:

- Tank is 31" high
- This is going to be a low tech / no C02 / no water change tank
(Tom Barr method)

- I am building my own Hood/Canopy because I want to contain the
light to the tank and not have it spilling out into the room.

Ok so with that out of the way. I'm having a hard time deciding between MH's and T5's. As per my journal a few people recommend MH's with the thought that the tank is 31" high and I'd need MH's to penetrate that depth. So on craigslist I got a sweet deal on a 3 X 175W MH + 2X40W T12 system. I posted about this on Tom Barrs site and he said that for the no c02/ no water change method that I would be fine with 1WPG of T5 lighting. However I'm not sure if he realized the tank was 31" high (Still hoping to get a response from him on that thread).

So what do you guys think?

Two other questions:

How would I go about adding moon lights to my canopy?

What would the differences in the canopy be with MH VS T5? I was planning on making the canopy about 11" high off the tank so therefore the MH's would sit about 9" above the water. Not sure what I would do for T5's...

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