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Tank: 30 gallon 1980's Perfecto
Light: Finnex Fugeray 30"
Substrate: FloraMax
Filter: Aquaclear 50
Heater: Aqueon 100w
Background: PPA OLSHARGB Home Accent Multicolor LED Lighting Kit
Decor: Driftwood with rock base and a sandstone rock
Plants: Argentine Sword, Bacopa Monnerie, Bacopa Caroliniana, Creeping Jenny, Water Primrose, Rotila Indica, Crypt Wendenti, Java Fern
Fish: 9 Scissortail Rasboras, 6 Black Neons, 8 Cardinal Tetras, 4 Ottos, 2 Flying Fox, 3 False Julii Cory

I found a pic somewhere of when I first started the tank, and everything was no more than a few inches tall. I will have to upload it.


I had some wysteria on the left that grew like a weed and then just fell apart. So it was replaced with the creeping jenny and something else in the back.

UPDATE 10/29/2014

As you can see I lost control of this tank. The indica in the back has really gone nuts and the creeping jenny in the front too. I can't bring myself to throw out plants.

UPDATE 10/31/2014

As you can see, and hopefully enjoy, I spent about 3 hours cleaning and trimming and removing plants. I took a boat load of the indica out and sold it to a local store. I trimmed every plan including removing some of the sword leaves. And finally planted the primrose. You could barely see the java fern in the back but now you can more, and it can get more light. It had latched itself well on the rock it is on, but wasn't growing much.

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This is how my Finnex fits. It is a 30" Finnex Fugeray, but there is really only like 24" of lights. So I cut it down on each end to fit in my hood.

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