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Hi everyone,

I'm moving and my new place doesn't have a place for my fish :frown2: You pick up only, located on the upper east side in NYC.

Equipment (all ~2 years old):
-30g tank (standard petco $/gallon sale)
-Black wooden stand
-SolarMaxHE T5 light (SE-42530)
-Whisper EX30 filter (on it's last legs)
-small heater (on it's last legs)
-several nice red rocks
-some bags of dry fertilizers
-5 gallon + 2 gallon buckets
- basic chemical test kit

Fish + Plants
-3 glowlight tetras
-2 corys
-1 german blue ram
-1 butterfly loach
-2 bamboo sticks
-some mosses + floating plants (can't remember the names, sorry).

I'd love to sell it all to 1 person, asking $100 obo.


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