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Hey there all. Starting a 30g tank that I will be planting. Have the tank so far will be getting more hopefully tomorrow. Need some advice on what to use.

My questions.

looking at doing a fairly heavily planted tank with driftwood. Lots of mosses, 3 types of buce, possibly some kinds of "grass" and Anubias etc. Some easier plants. Stock will Including Dario Dario's as well as a bunch of shrimp looking for some possible tank mate recommendations.

Looking for one cool plant to have as the "star" of the tank and have it planted in a crystal head vodka bottle filled with soil.

1- Will fluval stratum be fine for substrate? And how much will I need for a 30g (36x12x16)

2 - lighting. I have a dual t5 ho unit. What lights do you recommend. I was thinking 1 life glo and 1 Aqua glo.

3 - filtration. Looking at a hob with sponge attachment most likely but have also been told about using a sponge filter with a mild powerhead. Or a bubbler. I have had bad experience with bubblers so that's a last resort.

4- cycling. I've been told that it's best to cycle with tap. Then top with ro. In BARRIE so we have higher ph tap water.

Any ideas help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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