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30g Mudskipper tank build/ideas

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hey all, I am planning my 30 gallon mudskipper tank. Wanna help with some ideas?

I would like to keep a fairly large amount of water in this as I also want some gobies, or maybe a puffer down the road. A lot of options but that will be for later.

for now I would like this tank to be fairly simple as I am just getting back into this hobby. I am thinking I want to do a center "floating" island out of plexiglass. so imagine water on the left and right third of the tank. island in the middle, with water underneath it for the fish. any problems with this idea? I will have to elevate it with some pvc underwater legs or something, haven't quite figured out my best option for this yet..

also, I'm debating about building a second level porch off this island. make a simple ramp and elevate the "porch" up a few inches, then have my water filter run water to this level and drain naturally down to the island and back into the water. this porch will obviously need some legs for stability as well. would like all this to be removable as well for cleaning and such.

very much spitballing here. anyone have any thoughts, reasons to do or not to do any of this?
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further spitballing, maybe not just one large "porch" but a few elevated pools to keep the skippers separated and having their own pad (pun intended) thinking of the center island with sand and a slope to give them a shallow water source, then have some gentle sloping up hill walkways to small pools elevated above the center island? I should be able to build a spray bar that keeps water flowing to this pools and dribbling down to the main level.
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