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30g Long with Neon Swords

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This is a few months old, but this is on top of the television in the living room. We don't really watch TV, but it's nice to sit in front of the tank and stare at the swordtails. At the time this was taken, there were one pair of neon swords, and a pair of neon wagtail swords. Now I have 4 fry from each set of parents. Interestingly enough, there's 1 fry from each parent that does not have a reddish orange saddle like the others. I'm going to cross breed these two with each other, then cross breed them with blue swords to attempt developing a blue wag swordtail. Sorry for my swordtail rant, but I love these fish! So as far as plants, there are a bunch of crypts, java fern, some type of sword plant I can't remember, dwarf saggitaria, and spiral vals. I recently added some giant vals and anubias to the tank because it was looking a little barren. Behind the tank I set up a corner shelf that holds succelents and has an overhead hanging light. That way when the tank light is off, you can see the silhouettes of the fish in front of the succulent garden. I will post some videos of lighting setup once I get the succulents a little more tidy...

Thanks for looking!
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