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I say possibilities because there are way too many options lol.

I'm working on getting a 300g set up. It's going to be a bit before fish because right now I'm working on just getting the stand built, but I do like having a plan in mind. The one I'm wanting has a 8ft by 31in footprint, and 2ft high. A rather large step up from the 6ft by 18in footprint on my 100g. Super excited, possibly more so for the scaping and planting possibilities than the fish :LOL:

I do have a few definites in mind from what is getting moved out of the 100g to the 300g:

7 Kutubu Rainbowfish
3 or 4 Siamese Algae Eaters
3 Golden Dojo loaches

I'd like to increase the Rainbows to at least 12, maybe 15 (or more?), and probably get another couple dojos because I love watching them. The SAEs, I currently have 6 or 7 in my tank--2 or 3 are tiny babies and I think I just lost one recently, hence the uncertain count. There are 2 that are juveniles that I'm not sure if the younger is ready to be moved into a new tank from an established, and then the 2 full adults.

Then I'd like to add to that:

A harem of cockatoo apistos-- maybe 4 or 5 females and 2 males?
A pair of Bolivian Rams
6-8 Emerald Cories
10-12 Bronze Cories
A bristlenose pleco or 2
Maybe another pleco like a Gold Nugget?

After that I'm kinda stumped. I know it's bottom-heavy. I thinking another school of either Rainbows or larger tetras. Or a school of Denison Barbs even. Was considering a handful of mollies or platies, maybe a Rainbow Shark, but honestly not sure about any of those three. Also thinking centerpiece fish, but other than maybe an Opaline Gourami, nothing comes to mind. Congo Tetras were considered, but I'm putting a school of them in the 100g after the Kutubus move out, and with what I've read I'm not sure they'd be okay with the Kutubus with how skittish the Congos can be and how zippy the Kutubus can be. The Dwarf Neon Rainbows and Black Neons already in the 100g are a lot more laid back. I'm thinking a shoal of something active to match with the Kutubus, hence the Rainbows or larger tetras idea.

It's going to be heavily planted. Plenty of driftwood and rock caves and crevices, plenty of sight breaks-- at least once the plants grow in-- and open swim spaces. One reason I'm trying to get a stocking list nailed down is so I know how to scape it best for the incoming inhabitants. I'd like to have Amano shrimp in this one. The Kutubus have fairly well decimated my cherry shrimp population despite most articles saying shrimp are safe with them due to their small throats, so hoping the larger size shrimp will be safe.
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