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30" x 18" stand for ADA 75p? Are they even made?

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does anyone know where I could purchase a 30" x 18" stand online that would be suitable for an ADA 75p, I am having a significant amount of trouble finding and stand that would fit it's specifications of 75cmx45cmx45cm. Thanks, it doesnt have to be ADA btw.
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you oughta just make one. it will be cheaper and probably end up nicer-looking than anything that you can buy,
yeh, I don't have any crafts skills, I wouldn't know how to make one, let alone feel safe placing over 400lbs on top of it. Maybe, idk
Heres an Ikea link for a good kitchen base cabinet that could be altered to fit your needs...

and heres a thread where another member has used on...
will I have to reinforce this? Or can it hold a tank, 42 gallons of water and such without reinforcing? And if I have to reinforce it, how do I do that... and how to I cut off the extra depth so it's 18" back?

Sry for all the questions, I can't find even ONE stand that fits the spec's and I've been looking for weeks..
and would this fit the tank?

and one more question, does it really matter that the tank is 29.5"? Will it fit in any stand that claims to have 30" x 18" or does it have to be exactly 29.5"?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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