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30 gallon tank and center braces

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Was at a LFS today and came a cross a pretty nice 30 gallon long tank. 36x12x16. It was made by Aqueon and had no center brace. It was also brand new so I doubt it was removed.

Don't 30 long tanks normally have a center brace though? I recall seeing one at a different LFS awhile back and it actually had one.
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I have a 30 long that does not have a center brace . Got it from Petsupermarket 10 years ago so I don't know the brand .
My 30 doesn't have a center brace. The tank is about 15 years old.

Consider also that a 30 gal tank is only 36 inches long. That's only 6 inches longer than a 29 gal tank.
Must have been an oddball tank. I wonder why the one had a center brace... It's also kind of odd that the 38 gallon tank, which is only 4 inches taller, has one.
That might be because a 38 gal tank might bow out more, since it's taller. Otherwise they would need to use thicker glass, which is expensive.
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