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Well, it's with a big old sigh that I can say the new fish room will be finished this weekend. Just got the last few plumbing fittings and all the plumbing and air lines will be done tonight.The old room is about 25 years old, cramped and had been modified so many times it had just become a nightmare to work in. In the process I have 3 old 29G's that won't have a home in the new room. The dimensions just don't cut it.

I bought all 3 used and I've run them all for the last 5+ years with no issues, but they really do need to be re-sealed if you need a display. One has some scratches.

I work in Parsippany at the 80/287 interchange so I can bring one or two at a time to work with me if anyone is interested.


If I don't get any takers by next Friday the 10th, I'll close this thread and dismantle the tanks for other uses: glass tops and nanos.

PS. I should also have a very clean and much newer 15G also for $10. This one has no issues.

These are all bare tanks.
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