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Here are some photos from my new 3 gallon breeder I'm setting up. It's still cycling at the moment and probably has a week left as nitrites have just spiked. I plan on breeding neon tetras after a couple more months. I've read they're pretty difficult to breed, but where's the fun in doing something easy?

The HC seems to be doing well so far, and there haven't been any algae problems as of yet. I have also yet to see any serious discoloration in the HC, so things are good so far.

The tank gets nine hours of light a day, the bulb is a dual pin Coralife 9W 10000K and the tank has no CO2 input yet. I'm dosing very small amounts of K2SO4 and KNO3.

I still have a couple of additions I need to make to it before it's ready for breeding, but that's for a future journal posts. DIY CO2 and better intank screen to protect the fry are on my mind currently.


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