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Filter #1 complete with a pinch of rant
I'm at a loss as I don't know what I need, how big, etc for a DIY project... I am working on a budget, a poor (wo)mans budget & just cannot afford another $200 canister filter that is going to break in just over 1yr.

I'm quite flustered as I've lost 3 canisters in 5yrs & had several 10yr old fish die as I couldn't afford another new filter in time (used a lot of little filters & too many water changes just trying to save them). I care a great deal about my fish and every lose hurts. This all started when I got into larger tanks, which needed larger filters. Never had issues with my small tanks & their filters.

I'm somewhat handy, but limited on tools (no saws), so I feel plastics would be easiest for me to work with as I can drill cut them.

My planted tank, old pic. Plants are larger and there is now a large piece of drift wood.

Its a shrimp & small catfish tank.
20 Cherry Shrimp
1 Corry cat 7yrs old)
1 whiptail cat 4yrs old
6 albino BN plecos (5 are still fairly small as I bought them as fry)
1 Upside down catfish 4yrs old 2-3"

Down the road I would like to add a few snails, & a couple african dwarf frogs (my shrimp population needs to be much higher & more stable as I know they'll become a meal).

The type of filter I would feel safest with is one that can work above the tank. I rent a Condo so I don't want to deal with an oops from a DIY filter. My tank is in the spare room so it doesn't need to look pretty, it just needs to work & well. The room is my personal get away & where I keep all my critters that would give my boyfriend a heart attack :icon_roll

Filter #2
Its for a 90gal tank, but needs to be rated for a 200gal as I'm not keeping fish. I have Softshell Turtles, but they are VERY sensitive to water conditions & their 2 filters are starting to struggle (they are going to die soon) so I want to make a DIY above tank filter for them as well.

Mustard. Onion looks just like Mustard but its smaller & uglier(had a violent life before I adopted him)


Yes I named them Mustard, Onion, & Pickles. My fav toppings on a burger lol

Filter #3
Its for a 100gal indoor pond, but needs to be rated for a 300gal as its housing a snapping turtle. It also needs to be above the pond.

No pic as hes camera shy & gets really upset.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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