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I'm clearing out this tank of blue velvets completely as I still need some $$ for a little side project of mine :hihi:

$3 each buy 10 get 2 free


Take the remaining ~30 shrimp for $85 shipped priority

I'm only guessing that there are 30 left in there. If you decide to take all of them, I will net all of them and give you a total count for accurate price. If they happen to be over 30, count the extras as free

Also have a few berried ones, $10 each, no guarantee as to if she'll hold her clutch through shipping or not but it'll be worthwhile if she does and the babies survive!

Originally from speedie408's aka Nick's stock. Sizes will vary ranging from adults to peewees.

Shipping is $10 via USPS priority if you don't take all that's left, no DOA guarantee, box will be insulated, no heat packs so watch your weather.

PM for any questions
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