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3 Beamswork LED 1W 6500K on a 180

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I am in process of building a 180 gal. planted tank and was wondering what everyone thought of running 3 Beamswork LED 1W 6500K on a 180? I want to try and get some carpeting plants going in the foreground and not sure what all i will put in the rest. I am going with dirt and eco-complete for substrate and i have a FX6 for filtration. Still looking at what i should do as far as CO2.

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I use a single 6500K 0.5w LED on my 125g. However, it is suspended 6-8" off the surface and my 125 has the same foot print as the 180 (72"x24"). I basically have my light setup the same as you would on a 180. I have had explosive jungle val and dwarf sag growth. My crypts are extremely compact, sadly so actually. I prefer them to be tall. I think you'd be fine with a SINGLE 0.5w Pent or double if you do go with CO2, after you figure that setup out. Triple is overkill, even with CO2. I am scraping algae off my tank as is and also have some lids that diffuse the light rather poorly.

Check my journal if you're curious, but the 0.5w pent LED model is quite the light.
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