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3.5 liter 18cm plans

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I am currently planning an 18 x 15 x 13cm setup, probably as an iwagumi with dwarf hairgrass and HC. For a filter I will be using Azoo Mignon 60. For substrate I was thinking ADA Amazonia for planted areas, with a small amount silver sand instead for bare space at the very front.

I have been looking at lighting, but I cant work out what would be most suitable for this size tank. I would preferrably like something not DIY, as frankly I am no good at it! Any Ideas? I'm also wondering about the correct wattage over this tank, as I know the 3wpg doesnt apply at this size.

I will be adding Excel for the carbon, but what other fertilization would you reccommend or use yourself? I will be using R.O. water if thats any help.

Thanks in advance...

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May be there are some adjusting legs that move around.
But look at the fixture, even if you could move it around light spill would be horrible. The fixture is 5 inches wider than the tank. haha
Thanks guys, it seems we cant get the coralife over here. I'm leaning towards LED's at the moment. I just need to work out how many watts I will need and how to wire them up the the mains electric. Anyone use LED's?
have you considered a desklight with a spiral compact bulb?
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